8 Reasons Why You Should Go to Church (Even when the devil is trying to stop you)

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Introduction to Why you should go to church.

I haven’t done a lot of Christian posts. This is where the faith comes into play in our slogan. I just felt God pulling me to write more about Him, just as I did about 10 Best Free Bible study Resources of 2020 🙂

Churches and Christians are under attack every single day. It is basically an attack on happiness, hope, and life itself. Besides that, there is also a lot of false teachings going on in the churches these days because trying to appease everybody and they justify the sins people commit. That is not what God wants, God wants us to love the sinner but not the sin, and He wants us to be thought as it is written and in the context of His word.

My personal history with Christianity.


As we go through all kinds of different seasons in our lives, the one thing I have always stuck to is going to our church, even when I am under spiritual attack or physical attack. When I was young I had a whole different and wrong view about churches, I went to a Christian school and truly loved it, But my parents never went to church, my mom was raised non-religious, my dad was raised Catholic, but became anti-religion and cusses that way too.

I  have great memories from my school and teachers, always loved the bible stories and teachers and all the activities, great great memories. This is the reason I am going to church and I am so passionate about it because of the time I have missed going to church.

Our search for a church


But I always had the hunger for more of Jesus my whole life, something that didn’t feel like a cult, but something that was real and teaches the word as it is written in the bible. I wanted to find a church where everything makes sense again, and not guessing what would He do if.

Me and my wife went to a church and it was great until they started about what would Jesus do if, it just didn’t make sense to us and red flags went straight up on both of us. Now we found a church where everything made sense to me and fed my spiritual needs.

8 Reasons Why You Should Go to Church


A church is a place of worship, a place where everybody should feel at home and welcome. The church is a place where you can take a break from the world and be in the warm and amazing presence of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Spiritual recharge.
    When I go to church I get drunk from the Holy Spirit, and that is what I get at our church. The feeling of being recharged and the power that gives you a shield to protect you from the world.
  • Being with our church family.
    At our church, we are one big family worshiping our one true Lord & Savior. We are all equal and that is how it feels and how it is, we don’t look up to pastors or preachers, we look up to our Father who is in Heaven on His throne.
  • Meet new people.
    I love meeting new brothers and sisters that love our Lord Jesus.
  • Worship our Lord.
    He gave us new life, He washed our past clean. We are born again. No other God but our one true God does something like that. Because He loves us and He wants us to be with Him.
  • Discharge from the world.
    Getting away from daily worldly life and being in His presence is what I need and love when I go to church. Recharge my soul (battery) and being with Him. The world is extremely toxic these days.
  • Get spiritual healing.
    As I pointed out in the previous point, the world is toxic, He is the almighty God that can heal our spirit.
  • Get physical healing.
    Jesus heals and He gave us those exact same powers that can heal our body.
  • Teaching the true word as it is written in the bible.
    Too many churches teach the false words, that have not been written in the bible.  Our church teaches Gods word as it is written in the bible and even encourages us the look it up,

This is how and what a church should be about in my opinion and these are the reasons why you should go to church. It shouldn’t be a feel-good thing. We come to church to honor our Lord and Savior. He gave us freedom, he gave us health and He wants us to prosper. He doesn’t want us to suffer, and we received His powers when He gave His life. And I thank Him every second of the day for being such a good Father. He has truly blessed our lives and our church and many others.


If you have any more ideas for this post about the reasons why you should go to church please drop a line in the comments below 🙂