Welcome to NotebooknCoffee: Teaching & Empowering people

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Who we are.

Welcome to NotebooknCoffee we are Taco & Jenny, a married couple from the deep south, and we are very excited about the new journey that God has given us.

We are passionate followers of Jesus Christ, and we love helping other people and teach them how to reach your goals in life. We believe that with this blog and help from our Lord and savior we are able to teach you how to set up your own website and get traffic, build your own computer, and help you keep it running smoothly.

Welcome to Notebook & Coffee

Our Experience.

Jenny has over 10+ years of experience with Facebook and Pinterest marketing and promotion and she does it with a true passion and love she got from God and she manages different Pinterest account.

I have over 20 years of experience with computer hardware, Linux, Windows, networking, web development and I love to teach other people succeeding in their dreams.

When I first started working with computers I bought a computer in 1997 for $4000, it was a Pentium 2 266mhz with 32MB RAM and 6.4GB Hard drive, it ran Windows 95 osr2.5 with USB drivers. and we were one of the first that had cable internet. The problem I had was that windows 95 crashed about once a week with a Blue Screen and it couldn’t find a system file. and it had cost my $75 each week to get it fixed. The reason I couldn’t fix this issue was that the startup disk it came with didn’t have any CD-ROM drivers. I felt I was taken advantage of and I found an ISO file I could write to a 1.44 floppy disk with CD ROM drivers so I could reinstall Windows 95 myself. saving myself about $200 a month.

From 1999 I started building my own computer, buying my own parts, and have been building computers for family and friends ever since.

I have built about 15 websites in the past, ranging from web forum communities, political parties, web links portals and video sites, and webshops.

Since then I have a true passion for building custom made websites with a true eye for detail. I build them for speed, S.E.O. optimized.

Why we wanted to start our own Blog.


We really feel that God has put the desire into us to help and teach people and empower them other people in this world. And a lot of blogs out there lack a lot of information that is important to us, or they only cover a certain area of the subject or are simply incomplete or outdated.  We want to teach you from A-Z how to archive the best results possible with the most complete information that is available. The best way for us to do that is with this blog and other social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, Pinterest, that are open doors to Billions of people.

We will be covering the following subjects plus much more:

Our Lord gave us the passion and the desire in our hearts to help other people, churches, and communities succeed in their goals and dreams.

Our Values

  • Integrity: Accountable to God and everyone we encounter, we honor and love God by only engaging in honest, fair, and ethical practices.

  • We strive for excellence: From Love and passion in our works, we pursue excellence as a way to glorify God.


Our Goal

Our dream is simple.

We want to teach people and empower them on how to be successful in life and help grow their own business and reach new people.
We do this because we believe in the power God has given us.
Jesus said to fish for people, and there is no better way for us to teach people how to fish for themselves.
Thanks for supporting us and don’t forget to share our website.

We thank you, we couldn’t do it without you, God bless and God bless America.

Taco & Jenny