Coronavirus Update: Why We Decided to Homeschool; The Great Benefits & Rewards.

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When We Decided We Are Going To Homeschool Our 7 Year Old Girl.

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As we are going through this insanity me and my wife have decided to homeschool our 7 year old girl. This whole fear based plan-panic is not based on science. From the crazy mask rules, through deciding who is essential and who is not, not looking at the persons private situation. We live on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years and have made it through without any vaccine or medical interference. We lived on plants and water for 80%, sometimes we went without food for days.

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Then fast forward now we have forced vaccinations for out children without any accountability for the manufacturers. Stay at home orders, social distancing, face masks are not based on any science, this is pure anti-social control, population control.

Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA can protest and are considered heroes. Anti Shutdown protests and shut down for white supremacy and bigots, these groups are supported by the big corporations, including walmart, amazon, apple and google.  This is pure government tyranny that our founders have warned us about. I don’t want my child to fear life. She should enjoy life. she loves attending churches, and a stroll on the beach. go to parks etc.

children should be able to see facial expressions from any one, they should be able to breath freely, we all carry trillions of viruses and bacteria with us. These viruses and bacteria are crucial and we need them to live on this planet.


The Reasons We Decided To Homeschool.

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What we have decided to do for a child is important to us. We have to teach them independence and self confident. We have to start growing our own food to not rely on other people because food shortages are coming due to the fear panic and the shutdown of the meat package facilities. Remember back in march it was supposed to be just a month, then another month, then we had to flatten the curve, then the rest of the school year, and now they rolled back the reopening, some states even say they will never go back to normal until there is a vaccine.

How many small businesses are suffering paying the bills. Suicide rates will surpass the corona virus deaths. Who’s life is essential and who is not. Walmart was allowed to stay open, while small self owned small businesses were forced to shut down.


The Homeschool Curriculum We Are Considering.


I don’t want to teach my child to fear life, this is pure population control.  This is the reason we have been researching on how to homeschool our 7 year old girl.

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One of the choices we are looking at is Alpha Omega Publications. This company was founded in 1977 and is the leading provider of PreK-K12 Christian curriculum. they also offer educational resources and services to Christian schools and homeschool families worldwide. they also offer educational games, books. Alpha Omega Publications have received many awards throughout the years.

LIFEPAC® 1st Grade 5-Subject Set is currently also running a special for the LIFEPAC® 1st Grade 5-Subject Set for only $413.96 for the month of July. This extensive set contains books and work sheets from the 5 subjects, it includes Science, Math, Language Arts, History and Geography and Bible.


Homeschool Your Child Is Rewarding And Fun.

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There are many studies that show that homeschool children are better of on every aspect. And another great point is that you can do it with your child everywhere and anytime you want. Although having a schedule is important. In my opinion as being a parent it is way more rewarding seeing your child learn and grow and teach them and inspire them and reward them. Which is also another big plus.


Of course homeschooling wont be an option for everybody, especially if both parents have to work. But for people that work at home this option might be a great opportunity to homeschool your child. It takes about 2 to 3 hours a day. And you can do different things to inspire and reward your baby. The best way to find out is to do research and talk to your state’s Department of Education.