Reboot of our Blog. (Opportunities that lay ahead)

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Reboot of Our Blog

A new year and a new start.

We are at a stage in our life where I and my husband are being pulled in many different directions. I just recently started a new career that I am loving and he is doing what he is passionate about, creating websites. We still need the freedom to take care of our family. I am totally new to blogging but my husband has experience. So here we go. The reboot of our blog in the new decade!!!

Reboot of our blog

Increase that has Started

The backdrop was a dark and scary time. We have been living on a very small income which is sometimes hard to manage without some fails. Thank God we learn quickly how to manage and we’ve made it work. When the blessings came and the increase started we had a goal in place and our bearings.

We want to be able to better take care of our family with less struggle and more fun. And we also want to help other people, so blogging looked really good for us. I know we tried before and failed but I feel that the timing was bad. Mostly because I kept hearing how great an income you could make and how easy it is. But before we had it a really down packed. I walked away from it. I know, I was disappointed in myself too.


Content is King, Quality is king.

If you want to Blog and want to make money with blogging you have to provide your audience with good quality content and keep pushing for better and more, especially to be better then other bloggers. Content is king, quality is king. It’s not easy with a 7-year-old running around sometimes let me tell you that. You should blog like it is your business and do it with all your heart and soul. Make time for it like you would when you go to work. It is the only way to succeed as a serious blogger.


Promises made by other bloggers

It can be very discouraging hearing from other successful bloggers telling you how to make the big dollars. But don’t be. It’s not as easy as they tell you, because that is how they make their money. 😉

I know there are 100s or 1000s of blogs promising fast and easy it is to make thousands of dollars a week. I am not saying it’s not possible, but it also has to with the niche, and the amount of content, marketing. And it also has to do with the quality of the affiliate link. We want you to know that we won’t be making false promises. All we can do is stick to the truth, and the truth is it may work for you but not for others. Each situation is totally different.


Called by our Lord for the reboot of our blog.

We feel called by God to do blogging, and He told us to keep writing and to set up a plan. We have to keep walking by faith and keep believing in Him and his word. And we feel called by Him to help and bless other people like you by His works. We have to stick to it and do it. I believe 2020 is the year of the revival of our Lord Jesus Christ. We hope we are a blessing to you with all the information that is coming, and that you too may be blessed and anointed.


Opportunities that lay ahead.

The Internet is a powerful medium with billions of people using Facebook and Google, no challenge is too small. Keep pushing ahead, and keep posting on Facebook and other social media services, and engage with new people. And share your ideas with them. We cannot sit back and wait for people to find us, that used to work 20 years ago and times have changed and it doesn’t work like that anymore. We have to be proactive to be able for people to find us.

Pinterest is a great social media platform with lots of users sharing pins with each other. We can create new pins and post them on our boards, at the same time it’s also fun and kinda addicting.

A new chapter in our life.

We feel this is 2.0 of Notebook & Coffee as a blog. We have more peace about this, and we want to thank our God our family and friends, and our The Mission Church for their support and prayers. We couldn’t do this without y’all.

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