How To Make Money Blogging in 5 steps: Free Step by step guide for beginners

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Introduction On How to make money blogging:

How To Make Money Blogging

Wondering how to make money blogging? You came to the right place! Starting a profitable blog is pretty easy these days. With dozens of hosting providers and platforms available it can be a bit overwhelming. Here we come to the rescue and shed some light on the options that are available for you.

The golden trick to start a successful blog is to have a (niche) subject that you want to blog about and you need to have a stick to it mentality/don’t give up mentality. You have to make time for your blogging business, just like a real business. Because you want to make money and be successful. If you don’t you will fail guaranteed. Because the competition is sky high and if you don’t continuously blog and improve you will get run over. You cannot expect your blog to grow all by itself with no regular content. You have to keep creating new content and pushing for better every single day.

The other very important factor is to find a domain name, preferably not longer than 3 words that fit your niche you blog about, it has to be brandable and or even better have the niche keyword in it.

Let’s get started!

Here are the 5 steps on How To Make Money Blogging in 2020


First Find a good niche


Find out what you want to blog about, what you are passionate about. You can use Google and get some ideas, and look at the competitors to gain some ideas. Don’t expect to make money in a month. I hear a lot of them saying you can make this amount in a month.

This is where a lot of people fail. You have decided to blog because you are passionate about it and want to give people the information they were looking for, offer them something they are interested in.

It takes about 1 year for an average new website to rank in the top 10 search results.


Find a good hosting company


There are dozens of hosting companies out there, from cheap to expensive, from good to bad. What kind of hosting you are looking for. If you look for a shared hosting InMotion Hosting offers the best value for your money, and personally I get great speeds. They offer free unlimited email inboxes, a Shared SSL certificate, great speed.

I started with DreamHost, but they were charging extra for email functionality, on their above-average price, that should at least be included, you want to communicate with your customers!

Why I recommend InMotion Hosting for the following reason.

  • We Use InMotion Hosting. We personally use InMotion to host our blog Notebook & Coffee. If you recommend a company, you better be willing to use their product yourself. We also use them to host several other websites of ours and develop themes.
  • Outstanding Customer Service. InMotion has an A+ BBB Rating 17 Years in row CNET Certified. 90 Days money back Guaranteed. Tons of Awards. 24/7 x 365 US-based support.

    InMotion Hosting prides itself on providing truly outstanding customer service. We have our own in-house support technicians who provide support via toll-free phone lines, email, and live chat. You can rest assured that you can get in touch with us quickly if any problems arise

  • Great Pricing: and a ton of extra value for the price.  Shared Business Hosting offers 2 websites, Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited E-Mail, Free SSL, Free SSD Drives, Data Backups, Free 1 Click Install, SSH access, Max Speed Zones.
  • Free Domain: When you sign up for hosting, InMotion Hosting will give you a free domain name, which allows you to avoid the upfront and recurring fees associated with purchasing a domain on your own.
  • 90 Days Money-Back Guarantee: InMotion Hosting offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, the biggest guarantee than any Hosting Provider in the US.
  • Reliability: InMotion Hosting has multiple data centers across the country, which you can pick from, if one goes out your site will still be online.

They offer everything you need, tons, and tons of great features. Another great thing I like is that they use solid-state drive PHP 7.4, and custom caching. Secure DDOS protection, custom firewall, auto-updates of web apps, and free SSL.

InMotion Hosting step 1

Choose your plan.

InMotion Hosting step 2

Choose your plan level. When you need you can simply upgrade when time has come.

Step 3 InMotion Hosting

1 Choose your data center. 2. One Click Install WordPress – PrestaShop 3. Backup $24 Year 4. Dedicated IP $48 – Year 5. QuickStarter $99

step 4 InMotion Hosting

Select your preferred Domain name.

Setup WordPress

WordPress Logo

Installing WordPress is pretty straight forward, and you probably don’t need to do these steps as InMotion Hosting has a 1 click install. What you basically need is a database, most likely MYSQL, you need to create a new database, standard WordPress uses WordPress. an MYSQL username and password. the server is localhost if you use InMotion Hosting so you don’t need to worry about that.

The following is the standard WordPress installation process

WordPress step 1

Choose Language

WordPress Step 2

Get your information ready

WordPress step 3

1 Fill in database name. default is (WordPress) 2. Fill in database username 3. fill in database password 4. fill in database hostname default (localhost) 5. Fill in database prefix can be anything Default is (wp_)


Step 4 WordPress

Run the setup


After that you will be greeted in the Admin area:

Here you can install themes, change all the settings of your website, install plugins, manage users, moderate comments, everything.

Admin Area

This is where all the magic happens

These are the different sections in the WordPress Admin dashboard.

  • Dashboard This is your main area, where you can start writing posts, and see your statistics, comments, and if there are any updates for your theme, plugins or WordPress itself
  • Posts are where you can manage and add new posts, add categories, and tags.
  • Media is where all your images are stored.
  • Pages this is where you can add pages, pages are like posts but are more static, I’ll get to that later.
  • Comments this is where you can manage visitors’ comments, delete them, approve them, mark them.
  • Appearance this is where you can add new themes, modify your current theme, add menus, widgets, background, default theme is Twenty-Twenty in the latest WordPress version.
  • Plugins this area you can add new plugins, delete a plugin, active/deactivate plugins.
  • Users This area you can manage your users/subscribers, add a user, delete a user, change their role.
  • Tools here you can access some useful tools, like regenerate thumbnails, import/export posts, your site health.
  • Settings are the main area. Here you can set your site title, the main site language, your timezone, permalinks structure (the way people see your website in the address bar) extremely important for SEO.

Some extra tips and recommendations

Start writing blog posts, I recommend you to have about 5 – 10 ready in the draft, not published. Get them optimized, add graphics in them an internal link to your other relevant posts, you can create them for free with These following plugins will help you get started taking your blog from the ground.

Install the following plugins

Rank Math SEO:

Rank Math SEO icon

Hands down simply the best SEO plugin available on the market. It helps you write and create better articles. It has tons of more features than Yoast SEO while being slimmer.

See the following link for a comparison between Yoast and Rank Math.  Rank Math SEO a Yoast SEO Alternative and decide for yourself.

WP Fastest Cache


Simple and a no-nonsense good caching plugin that can minimize and combine files for faster delivery.

MailPoet 3

MailPoet Logo

Have it set up and ready, set it up, give your readers something in return for their email address.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 Icon


Simple cant form plugin but with tons of features contact form plugin!


JetPack Icon

For the lazy load feature, and auto-publish to Facebook when you post a new article, and image caching. And other useful tools. It’s a love/hate thing with JetPack.

LuckyWP Table of Contents

LuckyWP Table of Contents icon

Get it, install it forget it! need it, need it, need it. Google loves it, users love it when they want to go straight to a certain part of the article, reduces bounce rate.



Install it, activate it, sign up, and active Cloudflare. Especially on Shared hosting. It works, it helps speed up your site, together with wp fastest cache.

AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages


Set it up, even if it doesn’t fully take your theme. Use it. Readers want the content the speed. It helps your SEO. We can always invest in a better plugin once we start ranking!


I Also wrote a review about the various plugins I recommend here. 7 Best WordPress Plugins Everyone Should Use

Start Writing great content!

Great Job! now you are all ready to create your first post!

Now we need to create a design, there are multiple ways to do this. Buy a theme, find a free theme on Or find a free theme on and create a child theme. I have also a great guide on how to create a child theme

  • Content: Write great content for static pages like About Us, Contact Us, Our Story, and put them in the header of your website.
  • Get a Picture: of yourself, put a picture of yourself on the website, Get some professional photos of yourself made.
  • Create Logo: Create a simple recognizable logo (you can use Canva).
  • Get Graphics: get your free graphics from Pixabay or Unsplash Library of congress for your blog.
  • Get Videos: Link to a YouTube video people love howto videos!
  • Enable Comments: Enable them to interact with your visitors and get feedback.
  • Social Media: Be active, create accounts on Facebook and Pinterest, Instagram, just be active on those, its a great way to reach new people.
  • Publish: Blog posts, write at least once a week, or more. Google loves activity. Create a buffer of at least 5 blog posts before you start publishing. So when you are burned out you have a backup post.
  • Use Google: Search your blog post name on google for suggestions.

We hope you are going to be a successful blogger, success doesn’t happen overnight and it takes time. These are just my opinions and they work for us. You have to keep pushing, trying, and writing. We love what we do and teach people and help them succeed.

Blogging is a totally different lifestyle for us. And it’s a chance you have to make and adjust to. Leave your comments below if you have tips about how to start a successful blog.