10 Easy Ways On How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog for free (2020)

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10 Smart Ways On How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog for free (2020)

Introduction to this guide:

How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog for free, you might be thinking, not another one. I just feel most of the blog posts are trying to sell you stuff, or they use paid tools to get that traffic, I’m not like them. Hence this title is totally legit. I’m not a snake oil salesman, and I will never ever damage my reputation for a couple of bucks.

This guide is for new bloggers and people who are thinking about starting a blog. I have written more guides about how to start a successful blog in 2020, and which in (my opinion) are the 7 best wordpress plugins everyone should use.

You might be wondering why it takes so long to get traffic to your website. And I will explain to you in this guide. First of all you need to gain authority and build up your reputation. It consists of a couple of factors;

  1. The age of the domain name.
  2. Number of incoming links.
  3. Amount of content.
  4. The quality of the content.
  5. Amount of social media shares.

There are literally hundreds of guides on the Internet that tells you to do this to make good sales and get high traffic and rank no1. Some are great, some are not. Here I will guide you on how you can increase traffic without spending a penny, because we already have all the tools we need.


1. Blog frequently

Blog Regulary

I don’t mean every day, but you should at least write 2, 3 blog posts a week (at a minimum once a week Extremely high quality). Write great articles that help people and solve peoples problems . Write rich content, short paragraphs with links, images, tables, and / or videos and use headings! Write it like yourself, but make it easy for other people to read. Write and separate them into headings. And use a Table of Contents plugin.

Be clear on what you are writing, don’t repeat yourself in blog posts. Save drafts and proofread the post before you publish it.

2.  Comment on other blogs

Comment on other blogs


Might be a forgotten trick, because it mostly uses nofollow HTML tags, but if you comment on other busy blogs people will see your link and they might take a visit to your blog too. Especially when your comments helps other people and you might be able to link to your post if it is relevant to the article you comment on, be careful! it depends on the owner of the blog if he or she allows that! This is a easy 1, 2, 3 trick that might help you.

3. Be Active on Social Media


Social Media is the golden egg to increase traffic to your blog for free

Pin!, pin!, pin!, Share, share, share. Post pictures, write a short messages, comment on other pins. Stay active on social media, Pinterest and Facebook. don’t be in the background. Invite everyone in your friends list.

Keep sharing contenton Facebook that is relevant for you and your blog. Also leave personal messages on your page. Make sure to refresh your header once in a while. Make it personal and unique. Show them who you are. You are the brand.

Pin, pin, pin, use your smartphone and browse Pinterest and pin new pins related to your blog and who you are.

Pin great pins on Pinterest, make attractive and organized boards, and make sure to follow people back who follow you make sure to watch their profile if it is relevant to your blog, if  you write about children, family friendly, you don’t want to follow people who promote vulgar, or violent content, and if they have at least a good amount of followers. you don’t want spam bots to follow you, or dormant profiles.

4. Make Sure Your Site Loads Fast and Responsive.

Most of the website visitors come from mobile devices. And you want to make sure your site uses a SSL certificate (green lock), and loads fast on mobile devices, and is user friendly. These 3 things are critical. People are inpatient these days and they will leave if it loads longer than 5 seconds. Also make sure it looks attractive and use big buttons so its easy to tap them. Stay away from popups please! People hate those and increases bounce rates!

You could also use a (Accelerated Mobile Pages) AMP plugin for WordPress to speed up and optimize your site for smart/mobile devices. You can check GTMetrix if your site loads under 5 seconds.

To speed things up you can use a caching plugin like, WP Fastest Cache and enable cloudflare.

5. Make Sure Your Blog is SEO friendly.

Also make sure your blog is SEO friendly so Google and Bing can index your website properly. And use great post titles that are attractive and describes your post, and also make sure you use a good description that explains what your posts are about. This description is shown under the title in the search results, a lot of blogs forget this and is overseen a lot. This will help grow organic traffic. Make sure you describe your categories, so Google can understand what that subject is about.

I would personally recommend Rank Math plugin for WordPress, it is just as good if not better then Yoast SEO, it also has also a diagnosis tool to see in what areas you can improve your blog.

7. Make Sure Your Visitors can Subscribe to a Newsletter

Apparently email is still popular, it is more personal, so make sure you keep in touch with your subscribers and give them something in return for subscribing. Like exclusive content, or printable downloads. something they can use. E-Mail marketing is still huge opportunity to monetize your blog. You could even write a eBook about something and sell it on your blog and or on amazon. MailPoet is a great plugin for this where you can send out weekly newsletters to people who are subscribed to your blog.

8. Add Social Media Icons to Your Blog.

You always want to make sure your visitors to be able to share your blog posts and other articles, and be able like them, also use features images in your blog posts so it looks attractive when they share the post. So make sure you have Social Media Share and Like buttons on your blog. People can share the content and it will help pull more visitors to your website. On Notebook & Coffee we use AddToAny, it loads fast is responsive and offers all of the icons you need.

8. Answer Questions on Quora.

Quora is kinda the underdog and a lot forgotten method to gain traffic. Answer peoples question and get up votes and people might get curious and visit your blog. I haven’t really got the time to test it yet but it shows potential to gain visitors to your blog.

9. Write Compelling Articles on Medium

It might sound double but Medium has a lot of potential, its a great way to showcase your blog. Write great in depth posts on there and you can get the readers curious and gain traffic to your blog. You can also share beautiful artwork and photos on free stock photos, and people might even donate to you, and you also might be able to add a photo gallery of your work and gain visitors.

10. Long Tail Keyword Research.

Aim for long tail keywords, forget about the short keywords. No way you will ever be able to get into them. Long tail aims to get better results on long tail keywords, there is less competition, and get less bounce rates. It helps most of the time. I use nichelaboratory.com Free LSI Long Tail keyword suggestions tool. It gives you suggestions, competition,  and gives you some ideas.

I really hope you found this guide useful, if not leave a comment below, I am still learning and show you what I personally use. All it takes is patience and a deep breath, especially brand new domain names take a while to rank. And it will happen.

Mostly it takes a long breath, you might not see much moving in the first year, but after you keep writing great content and promote your website and be active on social media it will eventually start ranking and you might be surprised. it’s easy to give up after a couple of months but it will take off. Make sure you create a brand that is recognizable and be unique (yourself). Don’t be the next John Doe.