Free And Best Cloud Storage Services of 2020

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I woke up this morning with my head in the clouds. Thinking about my next blog post. And God told me to write about it. So here I will explain to you what the cloud is, why you should use it besides your regular backups, and some good cloud storage services.

Free And Best Cloud Storage Services of 2020

Free And Best Cloud Storage Services of 2020

What is the Cloud?

“The cloud” is a lot of servers that can be accessed from all over the Internet, and the software and databases that run on those servers. Cloud servers are located in data centers all over the world. By using cloud computing, users and companies don’t have to manage physical servers themselves or run software applications on their own machines or carry external storage devices all over the place.

So what this basically means is that the cloud is more than just storage. You can have cloud gaming (PlayStation Now.), cloud video service (YouTube, Netflix) cloud storage(iCloud, Google Play), music (Amazon Cloud Player), and the list goes on and on. So you might actually already been using the cloud without knowing it.

Why should I use a cloud storage service?

It’s always important to make backups in case of a hardware failure or a Ransomware attack I do not recommend you to solely rely on cloud storage, but it is a very important addition, My rule of thumb is to have at least one 1 psychical backup and 1 cloud backup.

Sounds Great, what free cloud storage services are the best?

There are dozens of free cloud storage services available out there, some I recommend and some I don’t.

Here is the list I recommend that is free, ranging from 3GB to 10GB.
Remember that if it is free you are the product hence I did some extensive research and took the time to lay it all out here.

List of Free Cloud storage services to consider.



“Courtesy of CloudMe, Photograph Peter Karlsson”.

The free account offers you 3GB of storage, and the file size limit is at 150mb. Their prices are very reasonable too, starting at $1 a month. They support Windows OSX and Debian / Ubuntu for their users.





Their selling point is end-to-end encryption, meaning no one but you know what those files are. This cloud storage service is used by thousands of corporations from all over the world, big names include canon, Pfizer, Roche.

They have great support Windows OSX, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Won many prizes for their privacy end-to-end encryption, They also help non-profit organizations, and they are ISO compliant. And offer 50% off for nonprofit organizations.

Their free basic plan offers 3GB of storage up to 2 devices.

A secure place for your files free of charge.



IDrive logo

Rated the best by many magazines and online publications as the best cloud storage service.

The free service package gives you 5GB of storage space.

IDrive also comes with tons of features you don’t see in many Cloud storage solution.

Downside: Linux Support is So-So, they have tips on how to create and run scripts to do certain tasks but not a native Linux app.


OneDrive logo

Microsoft OneDrive gives you 5GB of free storage space, it integrates nicely in Windows 10 and Office 365 and other apps. Linux support is not available. It doesn’t come with a whole lot of extra features, if you want just basic backup nicely integrated into the Windows 10 operating system this is a nice choice. you can also upgrade to 100GB of storage for $1.99 a month, or 1TB for $9.99 with office 365.




MediaFire is based in Texas, their cloud storage service offers a lot of nice features and offers 10GB of storage space. They do show ads when you download files.

The main features are the following:

  • 10GB Free / Up to 4GB per file, (with ads)
  • Unlimited bandwidth & downloads
  • Easily share after uploading
  • Multiple uploads at once
  • Organize with ease
  • One-Time Links

List of Free Cloud storage services you probably should stay away from.

Apple iCloud:

We know Apple recently moves to store iCloud keys in China 2 years ago

I know I might get some feathers ruffled about iCloud, you know what, I am just being honest about this whole thing. I feel we are all a part of this, I am not trying to boast, but I feel and pray for the children that deal with the working conditions in the Chinese factories just to make the $1000 iPhone, that Apple manufactures for only $10 or $20, just breaks my heart.

And knowing that Apple is supposed to be all about privacy and human rights and stuff. They are knowingly running slave factories in China and now they moved your cloud keys to the Chinese communist party for 0% corporate taxes. Apple pays $0 taxes in America and it just makes me mad.

They are greedy, and morally bankrupt while telling you that America is a bad country and it is all about power and hatred against America and the freedoms we enjoy in the western world.


Very iffy and shady reading their terms and privacy policy, contradicting claims. Also, their terms and privacy policy uses vague terms that no one but lawyers can understand.

Terms are iffy and questionable it seems like they don’t really own the servers.  Please stay away from this scam!

Jumpshare, its third party hosting provider(eg amazon servers), or any other party authorized by Jumpshare may take action to maintain the servers provided by Jumpshare. You agree that, without limiting the generality of any other provisions under this Agreement, Jumpshare or authorized third parties are not liable in any way for such maintenance, nor any other server downtime or congestion which may affect the availability of files hosted at

Rules of conduct are Violating the 1st amendment of the Constitution:

When using our site, you agree that you will not:

Upload any unlawful files.  (What are unlawful files?)
Defame anyone. (Freedom of speech?)
Defraud, mislead, or otherwise act dishonestly. (otherwise Act dishonestly? isn’t that a part of freedom of speech? anyone they personally don’t like?)
Otherwise act in a manner which, at Jumpshare’s sole discretion, is objectionable, or which may bring Jumpshare into disrepute. ( So anyone they dont like?)

Another one I don’t like, they take ownership of your copyright, totally contradicting the privacy policy

Therefore, by uploading any content to our site, you agree that you grant us(but privacy policy says otherwise!) a universal, perpetual, sublicensable (wat?), commercial and non-commercial, conditionally revocable license to use such content, and that you represent to us that you have the right to grant such a license.


It had some serious issues in the past, I’ would not recommend DropBox for this reason. Down here is a quote from Wikipedia.

Privacy and security concerns

Dropbox has been the subject of criticism and controversy related to multiple incidents, including a June 2011 authentication problem that let accounts be accessed for several hours without passwords,[134] a July 2011 Privacy Policy update with language suggesting Dropbox had ownership of users’ data,[135] concerns about Dropbox employee access to users’ information,[136] July 2012 email spam[137] with recurrence in February 2013,[138] leaked government documents in June 2013 with information that Dropbox was being considered for inclusion in the National Security Agency‘s PRISM surveillance program,[139][140] a July 2014 comment from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden criticizing Dropbox’s encryption,[141] the leak of 68 million account passwords on the Internet in August 2016,[142][143] and a January 2017 accidental data restoration incident where years-old supposedly deleted files reappeared in users’ accounts.[144][145]

Baidu Cloud:

Tools used by the Chinese communist party, please be smart and don’t use anything like this, or iCloud, or mega.

  • It is a Chinese company run by the Chinese Communist Party, don’t walk away from it but run as fast as you can!

Google Drive

Truly concerning privacy issues, reduce the use of Google as much as you can, so you don’t get locked into their bubble.


Mega seriously has some privacy issues too, as the Government of New Zealand has seized the shares of Chinese investors.

The website and service was launched on 19 January 2013, by Kim Dotcom, who had founded the now-defunct service Megaupload. However, in 2015 Kim Dotcom disassociated himself from the service and stated that the New Zealand government had seized the shares of a Chinese investor and has control of the site. Mega Limited responded that the authorities have not interfered with its operations.[9]


Final conclusion.

There are many great free cloud storage services and some bad ones. tresorit, for example, is a good service as it offers 3GB of cloud storage, and also offers end-to-end encryption; or if you want great cross-platform support CloudMe, or IDrive which won many awards and comes with 5GB of free cloud storage space. Or if you don’t mind ads and need 10GB storage I would recommend MediaFire.

Or if you like to sync your data and don’t run Linux like Ubuntu, and don’t need a lot of storage Microsoft OneDrive might be a great option for you.



Hope you enjoyed reading “Free And Best Cloud Storage Services of 2020”

Please feel free to leave your comment below if you have any questions or remarks or points that I missed. And don’t forget to share this article with someone who might be interested in this.