The Coronavirus: 5 Things you should focus on to succeed as a blogger

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The Coronavirus_ 5 Things you should focus on to succeed as a blogger

Things you should focus on to succeed as a blogger

As the world is going through a rough crisis right now people behave totally differently online. People are searching on Google on how to protect themselves from this virus and how to get through this recession. So what we can do is to offer people the information they are looking for. In this post, I will explain to you what they are looking for.


Do not exploit this crisis!

What I see is that people exploit this situation and give them false information for personal gain, it disgusts me. This will definitely get you penalized one way or another!  For example, selling hand sanitizer for $25 on eBay or Amazon. Don’t lower yourself to this, it’s morally wrong and corrupt and you will be punished for price gauging and destroy your reputation for life!

People are living in an uncertain period, financially and healthwise. All we can do now is to give them hope and faith and give them information that helps them personally and add value to their personal lives. So the question is on which subjects/niche should you focus on now and in the future? So what does the Coronavirus mean for personal bloggers?

Businesses are facing financial hardship and even if the virus slows down now, the recovery for them will be at least 1 year. It is expected this virus will cost the global economy about $2.7 trillion.

So where do I focus my blog niche/subject on?


Things you should focus on to succeed as a blogger are fulfilling the needs of the people, what are people searching for on Google.

First of all, people are staying at home so this means the travel and transportation industry is currently getting hit the hardest. Manufacturing and construction are being hit hard too, which means that retail is feeling it now too.

  • The big booming subjects right now are Personal Finance & Food. As this is an uncertain period for people that are trying to stretch their dollars as far as they can. Budget meal planning and how to still have tasty and delicious meals while saving money. Money-saving tips for example certain liquidation stores to buy products from instead of paying for the full price are skyrocketing right now.
  • Also most probably personal budgeting will probably do good now, people are always curious about how to save extra money, like coupon sites, lowering bills, negotiating bills etc.
  • The other one that will do very well is healthy living blog posts, increasing people’s immune systems. Advice people on their lifestyle, certain vitamin and mineral supplements, and the amounts that protect and improve people’s immune systems.
  • News Websites / Blogs will do great too, people are always looking for more information on the virus and the latest updates. Don’t just focus on negative news, also cover positive breakthroughs!
  • work at home, make money from home will also be a booming subject during this depression. As people are looking for a side hustle to make some extra money this will definitely be a big subject.
  • Faith subjects, Christian inspirational bible study tools will most likely see a good rise too as we go thru this uncertainty, people will look for hope and try to grow their faith or look back to increase their faith.

From these subjects there is still a big market, people will always have internet and will be looking to improve their situation, A lot of online retailers/eCommerce, vacation, hotels, luxury goods/services will go thru a big financial hardship for a while.

Conversion / Sales is a totally different story.

Conversion is finance is down a lot, but it up a lot in Food and Healthcare. This is because people are stocking up on a lot of food, vitamin, and supplements. And looking to improve their health and immune system, so people most likely will only spend money on these things.

We hope you all stay safe and stay healthy and avoid going out unnecessarily. This is also a great time for growth because of the less competition and reduced prices in pay-per-click advertisements.

Don’t let this period discourage you as a blogger, but see it as an opportunity to grow; less competition means lower prices in ads and other marketing techniques. Warren Buffet has a great slogan for this

be greedy when other people are fearful.

As sad as it sounds this is how we should be acting as a blogger and take advantage of this opportunity.