4 stunning Free Stock Photo sites (for your blog & social media)

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As a blogger we are always pushing for better quality content and ideas, photos and graphics are one of them. Humans process images 600.000 faster than text so for this reason, we want to leave a great impression and experience for our visitors.

For this reason, I dug a little deeper into the free stock photo sites and see which one has the best selection, features, and quality stock photos but also.

As I went looking I found a lot of them were offering free public domain photos and was charging money for them. Or you had to take a paid subscription. Here I only have 4 of the best in my opinion offering high-quality free stock photos.

Free Stock Photo Sites

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Let’s take a dive into each free Stock Photo Sites:

Burst by shopify

Burst offers high-quality photos free of charge and is in the public-domain, which is even more awesome.  What I like about Burst is that they create different collections for different purposes, which is very helpful. Right now they have 169 categories. The images are taken with High-Quality cameras and are high resolution. All of the photos are in the public domain, most likely creative commons license.



Pexels claims to offer hundreds of thousands of free high-quality stock photos. The photos offered by Pexels are very high quality and also have the ability to search for certain criteria like love symbols will pull up photos with everything that has a love symbol in it, which is very cool in my opinion. Pexels also offers challenges where you can win prizes if you participate, which is also rewarding. Pexels also has a section for smartphone wallpapers and other graphics for PC, They also have sponsored photos which you can purchase, you will be redirected to the website of the seller of that particular photo.



I truly love Pixabay with over 1.6 Million images probably the biggest selection of Stock Photos. Pixabay lets you search for free stock Photos, Vector graphics, Illustrations, videos. It has also advanced search like you can on google using different search terms. Pixabay does require you to register for free to download the original images. Also if you register you don’t have to keep filling in google re-captcha anti-spam mechanism when are downloading a stock photo.

Another feature I like about Pixabay, the site shows you the information about the photo, for example, the camera that is used to take the photo, the date the photo is taken. This can be helpful if you need to have a specific photo. Pixabay uses advertisements from Shutterstock which can appear in the search results, that is the only negative thing I can find about Pixabay.




Unsplash claims to host over 1 million high-quality stock photos, with over 150.000 photographers. UnSplash fuels Buzzfeed and Squarespace with their API. Their policy is that you can use the photo however you want, they do have a side note that they will not allow you to copy all the photos and start the same business as they do. They also have a wide variety of categories, including textures, wallpapers. Search is a little different, it doesn’t really let you define in detail. Like Pexels or Pixabay does.


These are the best free Stock Photo sites available at this time. I really like the search options with Pexels, but I love the EXIF details and the number of photos on Pixabay. Each one of the free stock photo sites has beautiful photos and graphics, I cannot pick or choose on that one. I personally think that if you look for something specific, that these 4 options will most definitely give you the photo and graphics you need for your website/blog.

Also, you could try Google Images, but it only lets you search by license after your initial search, and under tools, you can refine your search results.

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