10 Reasons why you should start using VLC media player

Introduction: There are many media players out there. Some of the popular open source media players are VLC media player and MPlayer, MPC. The main reasons I love about VLC Player that its more than just a video player. It can convert, it can stream, it can record, it can rip CD’s DVDs and Blu […]

11 Important SEO ranking factors for 2020 you should know about

Introduction: This article will go through the different SEO ranking factors for 2020 your site will be ranked on. And which steps you should take to SEO your website How does a search engine work? Search engines use automated “bots” called spiders or crawlers. To generate its search index/results. Search engines like Bing or Google […]

11 Reasons the free Zorin OS Linux could be the right choice for you

Introduction: Windows 10 has been out for almost 5 years it’s a great operating system, and personally I like it. But it still suffers from the basic core issues. By design the OS is not truly multi user, you cannot login the OS twice. And its not true multi desktop, I like it that they […]

Dangers of Smart Devices: How to secure them

Introduction: I have been wanting to write about those smart devices, Amazon Echo, Google Nest, Apple Homepod. I might be old school, and raised this way. But my family always told me never to talk to strangers and give everybody your information. Don’t tell everybody your business online, use a nickname when you sign up […]

5 Best free Cloud services of 2020

Introduction: I woke up this morning with my head in the clouds. Thinking about my next blog post. And God told me write about it. So here I will explain to you what the the cloud is, why you should use it besides your regular backups, and some good cloud service providers. What is the […]

How to Protect yourself from Ransomware & how to Recover

Introduction: First I explain to you what Ransomware is and what it does. First Ransomware is not a virus. Viruses infect files and software and have the ability to replicate. Ransomware encrypts (scramble) your files, render them unusable, and demands you to pay a (Ransom) for them to give you the code to decrypt (unscramble) […]