7 Best WordPress Plugins Everyone Should Use


WordPress is extremely flexible and very easy to use and extendible with Plugins and themes as discusses in my other blog post on how to create and develop a child theme. The possibilities with WordPress are endless. Here are personally the Best WordPress Plugins of 2020.

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These are personally my favorite and most important plugins for WordPress that everyone should try and use on their blog. I know each situation is different and some might also consider social media plugins a must, or woocommerce for eCommerce. Remember that this list is a personal opinion and are based on my personal situation. Some people would also recommend a caching plugin. And the one I’d recommend for that situation is Rocket WP, Rocket WP also compresses, and minimizes .css .html and .js files. But then again I have much better experience with compressing images and a good hosting provider and keep the amount of plugin use to a minimum.

Lets Dive into the plugins.

1. Classic Editor.

Classic Editor Icon

Good news for people who doesn’t like the new block editor in WordPress. The Classic Editor is now available as a Plugin. I personally cannot get used to the new block editor yet. For me personally I prefer the classic editor, it is familiar easy and still offers tons of features I personally like. You can also use it next to the block editor depending on the kind of content you want to write. This plugin is fully supported by WordPress until 2022 or as long as is necessary.


2. Contact Form 7.

Contact Form 7 Icon

Contact form 7 is a simple must have Contact Form plugin. This plugin is extremely easy to use. You can insert your contact form everywhere you want with a simple WordPress shordcode in your theme file, on your pages and in your posts. Create unlimited amounts of contact forms for different situations, edit contact forms. This plugin also supports Google CAPTCHA, Akismet to prevent your site from spam messages.


3. MailPoet.

MailPoet Logo

You cannot have a website without a mailing list these days. Mailing lists are powerful tools to stay in touch with your visitors. This no nonsense number 1 mailing list (newsletter) plugin for WordPress that has tons of features out of the box. MailPoet seamlessly integrates with WordPress , drag & drop email builders, with tons of features makes it a breeze.


4. Elementor.

Elementor Logo

Elementor is a fully featured drag & drop True Live Page Builder for WordPress with tons of addons available, There are more page builders but this one sticks out with head and shoulders above all the others. It is easy to use and has lots of capabilities. And it personally is much easier to use then the WordPress block editor. There are litterally tens of addon packs to extends Elementor functionality.

  • Essential Addons for Elementor is a great addon Plugin for Elementor with tons of extra effects, template

5. JetPack by WordPress.com.

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JetPack used to be my one of my favorite WordPress plugin. Today it is also stripped down, just like Yoast SEO is. The only reason I use JetPack is for the infinite scroll, lazy loading images, social sharing, and statistics and the spam blocker.

6. LuckyWP Table of Contents.

LuckyWP Table of Contents Logo

I Highly recommended a Table of Contents plugin to everyone that blogs and LuckyWP Table of Contents gets the job done. Install this plugin and activate it and forget it. It automatically ads it to your posts so users can go to the section they want without having to scroll thru your posts.


7. Rank Math SEO.

Rank Math SEO icon

Rank Math SEO is in my opinion currently the new No. 1 SEO WordPress plugin, It offers tons of features not available in Yoast for example Rich snippets, AMP, keyword research tools together with a much faster and leaner code base. Yoast used to be my favorite and still does the job, but it also got stripped down functionality for some reason which is a shame, but this plugin is truly a diamond under the SEO plugins for WordPress and sticks above Yoast with head and shoulders.



My Final Conclusion

These are (in my opinion) the must have plugins for every WordPress blog that is available right now. Rank Math SEO, Contact Form 7 and Elementor and even JetPack are all a must have plugins for everyone that are serious about blogging and to have a great start with your brand new WordPress blog.

JetPack isn’t what it used to be anymore, but it is still a must have plugin with some features that will absolutely help with traffic and speed of your blog. Rank Math is a plugin I never heard about a couple of months ago, now it’s a must have SEO plugin that sticks with head and shoulders above Yoast and all the other SEO plugins.