5 Goals for 2020 to improve our Lives

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5 Goals we have set for 2020 to improve our lives.


2019 was an amazing year for our family, church, and friends. We increased spiritually, financially, and physically.  And with the goals for 2020, we have set it is going to be even better. We have to stick to what God has planned for us, and we are doing just that. The devil is always trying to get in between and tempting us, distract us, and deceive us. And guess what he has to go now, he has no authority over us any longer.

God told us that as we set up our business plan we have to stick to it. Also, our church has been blessed with a new building, lamps, furniture, equipment and everything has been provided through faith in our Lord. Faith can really move mountains, and blessed are we by God who has created us.

So here is the list of our Goals for 2020 we have set:

1: Grow closer to God.

Grow closer to God

The number one goal for 2020 has started with my growing faith and love for God, I’ve never been this hungry for His love and His word. I feel Him on me all day.  God has been so good to us for the last years. He has increased our lives in every aspect. This has definitely already fulfilled. We have to keep praying and don’t let go of Him.

2: Reboot our Blog Notebook & Coffee.

reboot of our blog

God has told us to write, and set up a business plan in 2020, I feel He was talking about our website. I know we tried before but we let it water down. We have to stick to it this time. Running a business means that you have to stick to it. I saw faith work and I know we can do it. So that makes it one of our goals for 2020.

3: Being able to tithe to our church.


As our Pastor, Andrew is going to be full time in our ministry in 2020 and our blog will become profitable we will be able to help our church more. Our plan is to tide more towards our ministry. And being able to grow our church and spread God’s love to the world would be great.

4: Becoming debt-free.

Becoming debt free

We are almost done paying off all our debt, and that was one of our goals for 2020. It’s such a great feeling. It was a little roller coaster, with my immigration and Jenny’s new career, we had to borrow some money. But we will be debt-free in a couple of weeks. Being in debt is very frustrating and a heavy burden on us, and it can truly drag you down.

5: Getting our place, having real internet.

Getting our own place

Believe it or not, everything has been done with our smartphone’s 4G internet, it works but it is slow and sometimes very frustrating, Pinterest, Facebook is really hard to load on 4G internet. But I shouldn’t complain too much 🙂 It has been working and God has blessed us already so much. But it is definitely our goal to get our place and, where our 7-year-old girl doesn’t have to share her room with her 10-year-old brother anymore and with real internet to run our business more efficiently.


God has been so good to us and He has great plans for all for us, that includes even you. And we have to keep praying for the increase of Him in our lives, God likes it when you rely on Him so He can work in every aspect of your lives, it doesn’t mean we won’t have any obstacles in your life, but it makes it much easier to overcome them because we know God has everything under control.

I don’t know how I should explain this but this blog would have no activity if it wasn’t Him that encouraged us to keep writing and to work on a business plan.

“Lord we thank You for everything you have done for us, and everything that is about to come. The things that You made possible, and we ask you for more of You and for Your increase. You are the truth and the truth is You. and we love you and praise you.”