Zorin OS 15 Review: 11 Reasons You Should Use

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Introduction to Zorin OS 15:


Zorin OS is a GNU/Linux Operating System which uses the Ubuntu LTS core system. Linux is used in many appliances and smart devices for many years. It is stable, free, and secure. You are in control of the operating system. And today it is also extremely easy to use and much more secure than Windows 10. There are no known viruses or malware for the GNU/Linux operating system.

Zorin OS can be installed or ran from the hard drive, burned on an optical disc, or run it from a USB memory stick without having to install the system, you can take your Zorin OS everywhere you want. Zorin OS is the easiest Linux distribution available, with a very familiar graphic user interface.


Windows 10 has been out for almost 5 years it’s a great operating system, and personally I like it. But it still suffers from the basic core issues. By design the OS is not truly multi-user, you cannot log in to the OS twice. And it’s not true multi-desktop, I like it that they try to implement it and they went on the right path, but it doesn’t work the way Linux does and the implementation is poor as well.

Privacy is another concern for example telemetry is deeply woven into Windows 10. Windows 10 now sends statistics and targeted advertisements to its users. And you log in with the MS account you use online, which I don’t like either (I know you can bypass this, but it is getting buried down further). This is the move to make Windows 10 as a service and to integrate it into the cloud. Another thing is that it still uses Internet Explorer 11 and how it is still deeply woven into Windows 10, with all the security concerns that come with it.

Windows 10 1909 Desktop

1. Windows 10 closed source and proprietary:

You don’t own Microsoft Windows 10, they license their operating system to you for you to use on Microsoft’s conditions. They do not guarantee you, they can revoke your Windows 10 license, you can use it, they can remotely disable your OS leaving you with nothing, and they are not liable for whatever happens to the Operating System. They can do whatever they want with the Operating system for which they own.

With a Zorin OS operating system you can alter any aspect of the operating system and look into the source code. It is completely transparent, you really OWN the Operating System.

2. Still uses old code & Internet Explorer still deeply woven into the OS.

Windows Logo

Although Microsoft is removing a lot of old code from its kernel and OS which I cheer for. It’s still vulnerable to viruses and malware, the operating system is still based on old code. Also, Internet Explorer is still deeply woven into Windows 10 seeing the latest Internet Explorer vulnerability.

Linux is built as blocks, build up from the kernel where drivers are loaded from modules, systemd, and on top of that the different packages.

3. Costs:

While Windows 10 is free for most Windows 7 users, you basically pay for it with your Privacy. It is not a “free” upgrade, you pay for it with your privacy regardless of the cost.

Zorin OS is totally free and you own the code, there are no limitations on how many devices you install it on.

4. Stability:

While Windows 10 is based on NT technology, it still suffers from instability when using unstable device drivers can render the operating unusable, this is just how the Windows kernel works. and laying off thousands of testers didn’t help this problem either.

Linux is extremely stable, the only way linux crashes if there is a hardware issue, like a bad ram module or SSD drive gets corrupted or a poor quality power supply, overheating CPU/graphics card.

5. Unexpected slowdowns

Windows 10 is in my opinion unreliable, it suffers unexpected slowdowns while I need it to work and operate fast, rendering the operating system unusable for a set amount of time, which reduces my productivity.

Zorin OS does not slow down, it doesn’t run background processes, no matter what you do with it unless you lack enough RAM or a faulty process that can consume too much CPU cycles you can kill.

Why I use Zorin OS Linux 99% of the time.


6. Its consistently fast and reliable

I don’t have unexpected slowdowns with Zorin OS as I have with Windows, its quiet in the background, and CPU stays around 1-3% with Zorin OS Lite, while Windows is looking for updates or updates without my permission, it’s reliable for me to get things done, it is what an Operating System is supposed to do, get things done efficiently. Zorin OS is also low on memory usage, ranging from 150MB Lite to 1GB Core.

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7. It’s familiar.

Zorin OS uses a familiar interface and behaves the same way as a regular Windows operating system does, but in my personal opinion exceeds Windows 10 in usability by simplicity and speed.

8. Stable

Zorin OS is Linux, it is stable, I have not had a crash or slowdown with this Operating system. all the hardware works out of the box on this 11-year-old machine, which is as fast as it was 10 years ago.

9. Extremely Easy to use

Zorin OS is extremely easy to use. It has a software center where you can install all kinds of software you need to get things done. You can configure your desktop and behavior from the settings menu. It even has a nice integration of Wine to run certain Windows software if you need to. And Ubuntu also has great documentation and a great helpful community, yes Zorin Os is based on Ubuntu making them compatible.

10. Free

Zorin Logo

Zorin OS Core and Zorin OS Lite are the free editions of the Zorin OS, which is all you need. If you wish to receive premium support and like their project, you can purchase the ultimate edition which gives you some extra features and help the project.

It is all open source, meaning you own the software, and they do not spy on you as Microsoft does. Licenses won’t expire and you are free to do with the operating system as you want. You could even fork the project making it yours and release it. Just leave a nice credit towards the Zorin group 🙂

11. Customize ability and the beautiful looks

Windows Classic Interface

Windows Classic Interface

Windows Modern

Windows Modern

Touch Interface

Touch Interface


macOS interface

ubuntu Interface

Ubuntu Interface

Gnome 3 Interface

gnome 3 Interface

Linux / Zorin is open-source software. The thing about Zorin OS 15 that only your imagination is the limitation. You own the operating system. You can customize your desktop and the OS behavior the way you want to, edit core files. Or use the settings to change Icons, fonts, themes, docks, wallpaper, widgets, sounds everything. You could change the whole desktop, to look like OSX if you want to, the sky is the limit.



I don’t want to sound anti Windows or anti-Microsoft. Remember that this is just my opinion and this is how I experience it. And I do run Windows 10 as a dual boot because I need Windows 10 for certain hardware or software, or to check my website I am working on.

Windows 10 came a long way, I use Windows since Windows 95 and it’s day and night, Windows 10 is a great OS and offers a lot of nice features and handy tools, but these are all features I don’t use because I mostly do web development and photo editing. So I need to run a web server. Also, Windows 10 is a great OS for games and other tasks. And it probably always will be.

I have been using Linux since the early 2000s. Linux has great potential, I use Zorin OS as an example as Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu all packages and software that supports Ubuntu will work with Zorin OS. If you come from apple OSX you might prefer the standard Ubuntu version or a Unity based distro.

But when you choose for Ubuntu I would recommend the 18.04 LTS version or wait for the April 20.04 LTS release. LTS meaning Long Term Support, which is supported for 5 years.

Zorin OS and Ubuntu are great projects working day and night delivering great work free of charge. They don’t get the praise they deserve. they are delivering products better then Microsoft Windows and all of this free of charge, God bless these people. Zorin OS and Ubuntu are innovating at a rate surpassing Microsoft, What Windows 10 can do now Ubuntu did 7 years ago, and more. Multi Desktop was in Linux since the beginning. And a lot more features in Windows 10 was possible 1+ years ago on Linux.

Thank you Zorin OS team: 10/10


Please let us know what you think about Zorin OS 15