17 Best Free And Open Source Software For Windows 10 Every User Should Know In 2020

17 Best Free And Open Source Software For Windows 10 There are many excellent free and open source software that respects your privacy and gives you total control of the application and system, you own the software. Back in the day I got told to never tell anyone on the internet my real name use […]

Fermenting Vegetables For A Healthy Gut: Plus 3 Recipes

  Fermenting vegetables is a great way to restore your health, it ads beneficial bacteria to your body. Fermenting foods has been done for hundreds of years, and it was also a great way to preserve foods during the winter.  It is a great addition to the other post I did which also includes delicious […]

Coronavirus Update: Why We Decided to Homeschool; The Great Benefits & Rewards.

When We Decided We Are Going To Homeschool Our 7 Year Old Girl. As we are going through this insanity me and my wife have decided to homeschool our 7 year old girl. This whole fear based plan-panic is not based on science. From the crazy mask rules, through deciding who is essential and who […]

14 All Natural Home remedies: For optimal health and around the house

Introduction: People call me a health freak, whatever that’s suppose to mean. I love to write about health and all natural home remedies. The current medical system only treat the symptoms with a toxic poison or mold without looking at the cause of the problem. If you look at the deceases, the causes are mostly […]

Restore your health and heal your body: Tips and Tricks plus Delicious Recipes

How to RESTORE your HEALTH and HEAL your BODY Health is our natural state   I’ve been wanting to do a blog post about health for a while now. After being inspired by Dr John Bergman on how our body works and that it is being able to heal itself and we can reverse deceases! […]

10 Easy Ways On How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog for free (2020)

Introduction to this guide: How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog for free, you might be thinking, not another one. I just feel most of the blog posts are trying to sell you stuff, or they use paid tools to get that traffic, I’m not like them. Hence this title is totally legit. I’m not […]

A quick update on Notebook & Coffee: how we are dealing with the corona virus

  Quick update on Notebook & Coffee I just wanted to let everybody know whats going on with our blog Notebook & Coffee and why it is so quiet on our end. We are all dealing with the lock down like everybody else does. So here is a quick update on Notebook & Coffee. At […]